Welcome to the Family! 


Welcome to the Family! 



BONSAI KOIN is a community-based deflationary cryptocurrency for all, with a total supply of 500 Trillion. Decentralized Wallet Holders earn 5% rewards on all transactions.  It is a Hyper Deflationary self-generating automatic liquidity that pays out rewards to holders, as well as auto burns.  Total tax per transaction is 12%: 5% is given back to holders, 1% goes to the Liquidity Pool, 2% goes to a burn wallet, 2% goes to marketing and charity, and 2% goes to buyback. 


We strive to create and maintain a strong community through our holders.  One of many ways will be through our automatic anti-whale mechanisms in order to better protect our community. The purpose of our project is to allow our holders the opportunity of a passive income, simply by holding BOKO, through the 5% return to our holders.  Also, with consistent high burns and buybacks, as well as the automatic 2% burn and 2% buyback from each transaction, we expect fast and steady growth.  Our function will be to give back to charity through our 2% return, allowing our community active involvement in their investments, such as a community vote on how and where charitable contributions will be sent.  Additionally, as our market cap increases, we will begin reaching out to different merchants to accept our “KOIN” as payment, with the goal to have it accepted in every country over the years.  Although we have many values, our first and foremost is INTEGRITY, followed by open communication.  


How did we get started?  With an Educational and professional background in Financial Advisory, Stocks, and Investments in our family for many Generations, this has allowed us to take a whole new approach when the Crypto world came about.  Our background, Education, and goal driven motive has driven us to fast success when we began investing in Crypto ourselves. This has pushed us to follow our passion in creating a coin and leading our Community to life changing financial success. This is what inspired both our name and logo.  The Bonsai Tree is known as the money tree, but also symbolizes harmony, peace, grounding, and balance.  The Koi fish symbolizes strength of character, perseverance, accomplishment, courage, and good fortune.  Water symbolizes life, wisdom, power, and peace.  The combination of the three led us to our name, BONSAI KOIN.  These are not things we have googled, but lifelong passions in raising Koi fish in our lake-sized pond, growing Bonsai, and watching our pond for hours on end while we work at times.  Some of our most successful investments were done at this very pond, our “thinking place.”  The three have brought us balance and happiness over many years and we know our Crypto community will bring all of you the same